Art in a Box, by Marlis Maehrle

16 Aug
art in a box marlis maehrle

Five of Five stars

This book is gorgeous and so inspiring.

Almost everything shown in this book would be so easy to duplicate, and even a child could create an advanced looking piece of art after looking at this book. Most of these projects could be completed with a dollar-store box and found or reclaimed objects. The book shows many different treatments to make the boxes original, and almost all are very simple and easy to do, yet create remarkable results. I loved all the different options for displaying the objects, as well as some container ideas I had not thought of.

I had been thinking of creating some display boxes for objects I find around my home in the woods, but this book has inspired me far beyond that. I cannot wait to get my hands on some boxes, tissue paper and string, and then hopefully I’ll start churning out some beautiful projects!

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Schiffer Publishing for loaning me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I would absolutely buy this book for myself, and anyone interested in mixed-media presentations. This book would also be valuable to teachers and parents looking for projects for their children.

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