Milk Street: The New Rules, by Christopher Kimball

16 Aug
the new rules christopher kimball

Three of 5 stars

This is a complicated book, for complicated cooking, and you’ll either love it or hate it. In fact, there are many pros and cons with this book, but what I see as a pro another might see as a con, and vice versa.

Does it belong in your cookbook library? Absolutely.

It’s a gorgeous book, with several great “new” cooking tips. I put “new” in quotes because I’m a fairly advanced cook, and I was aware of most of these rules. At least half these rules would be very familiar to any vegan cook.  But a beginner to average-skilled cook might find several new things to try, and learn some new skills.

My own biggest issue with the book is the complicated and time-consuming recipes. I like to buy a new cookbook and then attempt to cook every recipe over the following week. I know, that’s my own problem. But these recipes are really for that special occasion when you want to spend time on one great dish, and then have other, more simple dishes to accompany (or a lot of kitchen help). The author helps with this by listing the estimated total time needed with each recipe which is greatly appreciated. But we know those times are usually 50% longer than stated, so when a recipe here says 40 minutes for a salad (yes, a SALAD) then either this is the most honest cookbook ever published, or that salad is really going to take an hour. Salads are some of my favorite dishes, but I’m pretty sure no salad is worth an hour of preparation time – even 40 minutes is quite long.

So this cookbook isn’t great for my needs. I love to cook every night, and I like to bulk cook on the weekends. But not much here would fit this schedule. I would end up only cooking a couple dishes from this book when I have special friends over.

But to reiterate: it’s gorgeously shot, the “new” rules are accurate and helpful to anyone who doesn’t know them, and I’m sure anyone would get some inspiration from it.

Unless you’re looking for dessert. Because there are no desserts that I found in this book and that gets a star taken off immediately. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. My honest opinion is that this one is not for me, but many cooks would enjoy it and many will get some new information by reading it.

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