The Little Women Cookbook, by Wini Moranville

11 Sep
little women cookbook winin moran

Five of 5 stars

Ohhhh this is such a charming little book. I think anyone who enjoyed the adventures of the March sisters would love to have this book even if they never cooked one recipe.  If you want to try the recipes, most of them look very simple to follow, even by a young teen.

Every recipe has a section that tells how in the story of The Little Women it is referenced, and gives some information about where the recipe originated. I love that the dishes are a bit unusual but not weird, so that most young readers would not be afraid to try one. In fact, their interest in the story might push them to try something new on their plates. A cheese, butter & celery sandwich might be turned down if simply offered, but a young Louisa May Alcott reader would likely love to try it.

The dinners sound delicious, but the winning section is probably the desserts. Any young reader would love to throw a tea party or luncheon, and there are the most darling little sweets to try.

Overall the book deserves 5 stars for accomplishing what it attempted. This is a must have for any Alcott lover.

Many thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I adore the book and think it would make an excellent gift for a book lover.

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