The Pasta Friday Cookbook, by Allison Arévalo

12 Sep
pasta friday allison arevalo

Five of 5 stars

This book has 52 pasta recipes, from basic sun-dried tomato to squid ink. What makes it different from other pasta books is turning Pasta Night into a Pasta Party where you invite friends and neighbors and hopefully make it a regular event. This is how pasta should be enjoyed, and the authors do a really fantastic job with the idea.

The book starts with suggestions on how to have your own Pasta Fridays, and it’s a lot more helpful than just “Invite your friends over.” It goes over all the things you’d normally not know until you’ve experienced several disastrous dinner parties. If you read this section first you will avoid many mistakes and I was quite impressed with the information. It really focuses on not going overboard or creating unnecessary work for yourself, and there are several helpful ideas for having kids at the party (which they encourage).

The recipes are divided up within the four seasons so you can enjoy fresh produce in your recipes, and there are salad recipes in each section as well. This was the reason I requested this book. There are endless pasta cookbooks out there, but this one includes the salad that you (and your body) needs when you’re stuffing yourself with delicious carbs. The salads are not complicated, just delicious, and also take advantage of the seasons.

This book picks a specific theme, Pasta Friday, and really sticks to it and covers it completely. I love that it really focuses on keeping things simple. Just delicious pasta, salad and wine, with some bread and butter on the side.

Five stars for some great recipes and sticking to one simple concept completely.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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