Sushi Modoki, by iina

19 Sep
sushi modoki iina

FIVE of 5 stars

This is an impressive vegan cookbook with absolutely gorgeous photography, and it gets five strong stars with a couple caveats: It is mainly for vegans, and it is very Japanese so several ingredients may be difficult to find depending on where you live.

I take issue with the blurb that says it “tastes and looks like the real thing”. This sushi is phenomenal in beauty, but it is not going to taste like fresh seafood. That said, the recipes are made with fresh veggies and rice, with vegan condiments, and any vegan would love the recipes. Contrary to what some omnivores think, vegans are not always looking for direct taste substitutes.

So why then would vegans want to eat something that is a direct visual swap for fresh fish? Because it follows the Japanese theme of Beauty. This is an excellent book for any vegan who wants to have friends over for dinner, or who wants to impress their guests. There is even a section for holding a hand wrap party. Several dishes in the second half are less focused on looking like seafood, and more centered around delicious vegetable and noodle salads. These are equally as gorgeous as the “nagiri” dishes. Non-vegans would do just fine with the second half of the book.

I am used to vegan sushi consisting mainly of cucumber or mushroom, but this book is just spectacular, both visually and in taste. Other than the usual work of rolling and putting the sushi together, the recipes themselves are not a lot of work. So if you are vegan and want to throw a sushi party that will be talked about for years, this book is one hundred percent for you.

Many thanks to NetGalley and The Experiment for gifting me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. If you have a vegan in your life, put this on their gift list. Even if they don’t like to cook, they will enjoy the beautiful and imaginative photos in the book.

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