50 Hikes with Kids California, by Wendy Gorton

23 Nov
50 hikes kids california

Five of 5 Stars

I quite love this book, and will likely be getting it for my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas.

It doesn’t include every wonderful hike in California, but keeping this book to just 50 allows it to include all sorts of wonderful details. All the hikes are under 5 miles, and all are rated Easy to Moderate. But every hike includes a detail of elevation gained and lost, a more detailed difficulty explanation, and how long it should take to complete. These details can help a parent decide if their own child is up to it according to their own skills.

Of course there are also directions, the best season to go, restrooms and any fees required, then a suggestion of where you can find treats of food or drink. It even gives Twitter and Facebook information!

One of the best parts is the Scavenger Hunt for each hike. It includes photos of different flora and fauna, insects and natural formations to find. I went on a local hike recently (not included in this book) and was given a booklet of plants to find at certain points and I had a GREAT time checking off the list and reading about each find. I am certain children would love this too.

The hikes are divided up into different areas of California, but there is also a section where you can find a hike according to type: Waterfall, history, beach, caves, rivers, etc. After that is a section according to the seasons.

There are beautiful photos, and lots of interesting things to read about each hike. A child who can read will love going through and picking out a hike to try, and a younger child will love any hike their parent chooses for them.

Overall I cannot find anything lacking, and it’s gotten me excited myself to find some hikes to try with my granddaughter. I 100% recommend this book if you’re an active family with children.

I received a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review, but I’ve just placed the paperback into my Amazon cart and I’m ready to purchase.

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