Conviction, by Denise Mina

15 Dec
conviction denise mina

Four of 5 stars

I feel very confused, but I think the book is excellent.

First of all, I did NOT see that ending coming. The twist and “bad guy/gal” reveal was totally unexpected. Barring major plot holes, what more can you ask of a mystery/thriller?

Second, I listened to the audiobook. While it was excellently narrated, I don’t recommend it unless you have some time to really listen. Because this book is COMPLEX. It is complex, complicated, and has story within story within story. It is done so very well, but you have to pay attention.

It is exciting and perplexing and actually interesting, and has complicated characters and it’s centered around a podcast, or rather podcasting. And it’s often FUNNY in between the scary. I loved the conclusion, which might signal a second book (which I would most definitely read!), and I’m still reeling from the reveal.

The only downside I found was that meeting the character of Gretchen* did not match at all with how she had been described during the book. However it might be that I was just so gobsmacked by the reveal that my brain couldn’t wrap around the narrator’s portrayal. Also, I don’t really buy that Anna had to hide her identity from everyone, even her husband. I won’t say why she’s hiding, since it’s not revealed for a bit, but it feels like life could have been easier if she just explained to her husband why she couldn’t fly or drive.

This is a book I would read again, or even listen to again (and hopefully pick up some more answers), and I’m old enough now that I almost never do that. Life is too short, and there are too many books to read. But this one would be worth it.

I most definitely recommend it. If I listen again and get a better understanding of Gretchen*, I will change this to 5 stars.

* Because I listened to the audiobook, I’m not sure how names were spelled in the printed book.

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