Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid

18 Dec
such a fun age kiley reid

FIVE of 5 stars

Kiley Reid is a gift to readers, and everyone should put this book on their reading lists and pre-order it now.

Reid is an amazing writer. She fleshes these characters out, gives them complete, flawed stories, and does dialogue phenomenally well. I loved the interactions between Emira and her friends, they felt like home. Even the toddler voices were spot on.

Then, she flips the plot all over. For the first half of the book, every time you think you understand what this story is about she adds another aspect that changes everything. I absolutely loved the beginning chapters where new parts of the plot are introduced every few pages.

I have not shouted out loud at a book so much in a long time. When I wasn’t shouting, I was cringing. There is a character in this book who goes from batsh*t loony, to gross and disgusting, to psychotic, and then at the end we find out they’re downright evil.

It was a joy to read not because the story was happy (it’s not really) but because the writing is fantastic. It was a *pleasure* to consume the pages, even to the very bittersweet end.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’m honestly so impressed at this author’s first book. I will read absolutely anything she writes in the future.

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