Save Yourself, by Cameron Esposito

30 Dec
save yourself cameron esposito

Five of 5 stars

Yes, this book is laugh out loud funny, but it is also incredibly sad in parts. You won’t laugh through this entire book, you will feel pain and heart break and disappointment and frustration. And then you turn the page and laugh again. Just like real life.

I am a big fan of Cameron Esposito, and because her career is centered around talking about her (often amazing) life, I was already familiar with many of the stories. In this book she fleshes the stories out and gives more of her emotions, and the experiences that shaped those emotions, and the events that helped her understand what happened. Much of the book is about her experience in the Catholic church and how her feelings about the church evolved, and how her experience with the church shaped her life and still has repercussions in many ways. We follow along as she understands her sexuality, and how coming out affected her and those around her. She talks about first girlfriends, and later girlfriends, and heart break and loss. I have a greater understanding of her family, and the love they all share, and I’m glad that even though her coming out was rough, they managed to get back to that amazing family eventually. We learn all about how her career started and grew, and I have even more respect for her now that I understand how hard she has worked, and all the amazing things she has done for women in comedy from behind the scenes.

What we don’t hear about (other than some casual mentions) is Rhea. There is a one paragraph note at about the 70% mark where she explains that that loss is just then happening and therefore too fresh and painful to include in this book. That one paragraph just ripped my heart out. I had to finally put the book down at that point to resume the next morning. Cameron has been very open about 2019 being such a painful year for her, and I hope she understands we have all hurt for them both and wish them healing as quickly as Life will allow.

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and I’m so thankful for it. I was a fan before, I’m a bigger fan now. Cameron is so very intelligent, and her book is written very well. I definitely recommend it and I look forward to her next (even though I’m sure it will make me cry).

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