Dead to Her, by Sarah Pinborough

25 Mar
dead to her sarah pinborough

Four of 5 stars

This was a last minute 4 stars. I loved Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes, especially for the solid unseen twist at the end. So I really wanted to finish this one to see what she had done here.

To be fully honest, I’m writing this review in the middle of Quarantine Lock Down, so while we have a ton of time to read in theory, the reality is there are 1000 more distractions than usual, such as, Have I Lysoled my Kindle yet today? Did I touch my Kindle before I Lysoled it, and then touch my face? I just sneezed, am I going to die?

So keep that in mind when I say the first half of this book was slow for me. It took me a really long time to get through… like the first 70% of it. And I probably would have dropped it if not for Pinborough being the author. But finally, the last quarter came through. We have twisty turns on very page, all the side characters I wasn’t paying attention to suddenly became possible suspects, and overall I thoroughly loved it. The last 25% only.

So we have 70% that just goes pretty much nowhere, with every character an unreliable narrator and no real plot direction, and then a solid 25% that enthralled me. But it was such a great 25% I almost gave it 5 stars. I took the one off because we have the culprit just out of nowhere sit and confess to every single thing??? I HATE THAT.

If you can pull your attention away from the germies outside, try this book and pay attention to all the characters. Know you’ll be rewarded at the end. I’m going to stand by 4 stars, although if I’d given up early it would have received 2.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. I will always be happy to try a Sarah Pinborough book.

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