Saint X, by Alexis Schaitkin

3 Apr
saint x

Five of 5 stars

So this may be a season of very thought-scattered reviews. I bet ten years into the future when I look back on the books I read this Spring the stories will forever be tied to the pandemic in my mind.

And so here we go with this review for a book I think I totally loved. I just found out this is the author’s debut and that is AMAZEBALLS. Because right away you will fall in love with the writing. And then as the book continues you realize the book is even more than you thought, and eventually you’ll realize this could be assigned reading in university and you could have written thousands of words on Claire’s psychological journey.

What I did not like:
I hate the cover. I delayed reading this book because the cover and even the title did nothing to excite me, and I don’t feel they give any clues to the great stuff inside the book.
Some parts dragged for me, but how can we know if that was the book, or my pandemic attention span?
I’m not sure I liked the ending, but the worst I can say is I’m not sure I agree with how it was done.

What I loved:
The writing.
Reading about life on Saint X.
The surprise character stories at the end.
The writing.

So this is the best constructed review I am capable of at the moment. Should you read this book? Absolutely! It’s the first book that was able to capture my attention for any length of time during the Time of the Pandemic. And that is pretty high praise. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Celadon Books for the ARC. I’ll have my eye out for books by Schaitkin in the future, for sure.

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