Jubilee, by Toni Tipton-Martin

10 Apr
jubilee toni tipton

FIVE of 5 stars

This book is absolutely scrumptious, and has been a godsend during quarantine. I’ve cooked and baked my way through a good portion of this book already and I have the extra five pounds to prove it. What made it great for quarantine was the fact that most all ingredients are things you have in your cupboard already, and many are long-lasting staples such as beans, rice, and root vegetables. I got my supplies three weeks ago, have cooked almost exclusively from this cookbook, and still have at least two more weeks of supplies before I have to leave the house again.

What a time for book reviews, eh?

I’ve made the following in just the last few weeks:

Gingerbread Waffles – SO delicious. I might add some chopped bacon in the batter next time.
Spanish Cornbread – Fed me for a week. Thick and delicious.
Apple Fritters – Oh lordy, these are to die for. I single handedly ate half a dozen of these the first day and have been snacking on them ever since.
West African Groundnut Stew – I’ve made this TWICE already. A simple chicken stew with a bit of peanut butter stirred in.
Wilted Mixed Greens with Bacon – This had everyone on my Instagram salivating.
Baked Barbecued Beans – Another recipe to die for, I might make this again before quarantine is over.
Biscuit Topped Chicken Pot Pie – Easier than I expected, and definitely something I might do again next week since I still have all the ingredients. DELICIOUS comfort food.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake – This cake is covered in sugared pecans and soaked in rum. I brought a large slice over to my neighbor, and the next time he delivered a load of cut wood to me he said “No charge, just bring me another slice of cake some time!!” I guess that slice of cake was worth $80!

Next on my list to make before quarantine is over:

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Ham – This is on my list to make next week!
Nigerian Black Eyed Pea Fritters – I’m a sucker for a fritter
Rice and Peas with Coconut – I love adding coconut to any “regular” foods
Collard Greens with Cornmeal Dumplings – The only reason I haven’t made this yet is the store was out of collard greens.
Sweet Potato Mango Cake – I’m getting mangoes delivered today, so this is next on the list!

There are also many recipes for seafood/shellfish, beef & pork, and an amazing above-average beverage chapter that I haven’t had time to get into yet, but the Ginger Punch is top of my list.

This is five full stars from me, and there is something for everyone in this book. I’m so grateful I got this in time for quarantine, but this will be a favorite for decades to come.

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