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The Dispatcher, by John Scalzi

14 Jan


I would have loved this if there were any sort of explanation for the entire premise of the book. I will even go along with an explanation that uses big scientific words I don’t understand. Or simply claim “Magic!”

But there was no explanation for what was happening, unless I missed it (it is on Audible, so it’s *possible* I missed something), and so there’s no way I can give this more than 2 stars.

Narrated quite well by Zachary Quinto.


The Starling Project (Harold Middleton #3), by Jeffery Deaver

4 Sep
FOUR of FIVE stars

FOUR of FIVE stars

A very fun “read” on Audible, but it was much more of a performance than a book. It was an interesting experience. Usually when I listen to an Audiobook I still feel like I have read a book, but this felt more like I just watched a movie. It wasn’t the best story, but I can’t deny it was great fun and I did enjoy it. I would love to listen to more performances like this.

It is only four hours but there are a lot of characters. I listened to it in two chunks of time (while putting puzzles together on rainy afternoons), and I would recommend listening in as few chunks as possible to avoid confusion.