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The Dispatcher, by John Scalzi

14 Jan


I would have loved this if there were any sort of explanation for the entire premise of the book. I will even go along with an explanation that uses big scientific words I don’t understand. Or simply claim “Magic!”

But there was no explanation for what was happening, unless I missed it (it is on Audible, so it’s *possible* I missed something), and so there’s no way I can give this more than 2 stars.

Narrated quite well by Zachary Quinto.


The Good Girl, by Mary Kubica

27 Sep
Four iffy stars of Five.

An iffy Four stars of Five.

I listened to this on Audible, and the narration is REALLY good. Well, it is really good except when the “Colin” narrator is doing a girl’s voice, then we have the usual problem of male narrators making females sound way too scared, fragile and hysterical. But otherwise, this Audible book drew me in really quickly.

But by halfway through I had already figured out what the twists were going to be. Then we get a really strong anti-abortion message [highlight to view spoiler]: It’s all very good when a rich white girl with her mother’s support decides to keep her kidnapper’s baby (a kidnapper with a heart of gold at that) but that is not the case with everyone. Also, I’m not convinced that what she went through would have caused the amnesia (not a spoiler, it’s revealed early on).

The end just sort of sputters out. It felt like most aspects of this story had been done before, many times over, and possibly in better ways. So my rating really sways from 3 to 4 stars depending on what I’m rating, but overall I enjoyed listening to this, so I will stick with a four. Would I recommend this? Well, I wouldn’t turn anyone away from it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to tell anyone about it either.