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Passing Strange, by Emily Klages

19 Apr
passing strange ellen klages

Four of Five Stars

This book was not my favorite, but there were several things I really enjoyed and I think others might like it even more than I did.

THE PLUSES: Let’s be honest – THAT COVER. I rarely actually purchase books, but I saw this cover and had to get it. Even before I got to reading it I had pulled the book out several times just to look at its cover. Who wouldn’t want this framed in their own home? When I finally started the book – Surprise! – it turns out the picture is actually a chalk drawing that plays an important role in the book.
The characters. There is a group of women who are friends who help each other out in any way needed. Each of them were very interesting and I could have read a book about any specific character’s life.
The End. I was only going to give 3 stars (which, to be fair, is “I like it”) until the end. And the end had just enough excitement and drama and love to pull my little heartstrings and add another star.

THE MINUSES: All the characters. These women were so interesting, but the book rarely focuses on any one character long enough to get to know them, and there was confusion on my part as to who the story was about. I wouldn’t mind more books about these characters with maybe a more concentrated focus on one character. I mean, Helen??? That woman led a fascinating life and we only saw a bit of it!
The Magic. This is a fairly realistic story about lesbian life in San Francisco 80 years or so ago. That should have been enough of a story. But then suddenly magic is thrown in, in sort of a major way, and then it’s just dropped. Like “Oh here’s a serious story, here we go, oh and by the way this woman can do major magic but ANYWAY….”
The End. And then of course magic comes along and saves the day…

Now some readers may love that there is magic involved, and if it had figured more into the story as a whole perhaps I would have bought into it as well. But it seemed just sort of tossed in the middle of the story as an unimportant detail, only to be dragged out at the end to save the day. That is what bothered me.

But all in all, should you read it? I say Yes. They are fascinating characters and I hope I can eventually read more about them, and if anything, you need this cover in your life.


The Big Sugarbush, by Ana B. Good

9 Jan

4 of 5 stars

This is a light, happy, lesbian romcom, framed by the serious themes of addiction and rehab in a lesbian-only facility.

I fell in love on the first page when we were introduced to Nan, the successful middle-aged lesbian. My favorite couple though was Poppy and Storm, the popstar and war correspondent, respectively.

It does well as a zany lesbian romcom, but I have to admit my imagination couldn’t quite cover some of the very serious situations that were set to comedy and silliness. There were some serious addiction issues in the book, but the recovery was only touched on. There was a seriously dangerous situation that Storm deals with that I really couldn’t wrap my head around as comedy, even though it was obviously supposed to be silly and the antagonists were like cartoon characters. But I can’t put my uncomfortable feelings on the author, I think this is just one of the weaknesses that my very logical, serious brain experiences sometimes when reading books like this.

Overall it was the silly, light, fun little book I had wanted to read. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more, and in these serious times, it is what I needed.

Cake, by Jove Bell

8 Jun
cake jove bell

Four of Five stars

A very quick, erotic lesbian novel. So quick I was shocked when I reached the last page on my Kindle. But it’s labeled as “Bitterroot Saga #1”, so if there are more stories with Elana and Kelly to come, I’d be thrilled to read them.

It’s a very simple beginning to what is hopefully a longer story. Elana’s ex-girlfriend marries Kelly’s brother. Elana and Kelly meet at the wedding and fall in mad lust with each other. Shenanigans (and sex) ensue (mostly sex). At the end of the book they reach a decision about whether to keep seeing each other, and that’s that.

Short but sweet, with likable characters (psst, Elana, call me!). Currently only $2.99 at Amazon, and well worth it.

Hope in the Heart of Winter, by Rebecca S. Buck

5 Feb
hope in the heart of winter buck

Four of Five Stars

A very very short story, including the characters of Clara and Courtney from Fragile Wings. It’s hard to rate this, because I’m not sure if the story stands well alone or if it’s just thrilling to read about Clara and Courtney again. But in the long run it’s a sweet little lesbian romance story, it has one hot sex scene, and I’ve become fascinated with how lesbian culture grew in that particular time period. This story furthers some of the understanding we learned in Fragile Wings. I would recommend this story if you have read or are planning to read Fragile Wings.

Fragile Wings, by Rebecca S. Buck

16 Jan
fragile wings rebecca s buck

FIVE of Five stars

Definitely 5 stars as a Historical Fiction Lesbian Romance.

It really holds its own as a book outside of the romance category – although that is definitely what it is. But it is solid in its portrayals of family and all the different connections, a wide variety of friends and characters, and I felt a very real love story between two fragile women struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastations of the war.

The story is set against the backdrop of post-WWI London, with this time period not only well described in appearance and mood, but the themes of the story are also woven well through the issues and changes of this time period.

As a lesbian romance I loved it because the romance was very real, the thoughts and feelings were familiar, and there were no extraordinary or idiotic problems that separated the two women – only very real issues most people have dealt with.

As a book it stands firm, as we are lead all through late 1920s London and introduced to so many well developed characters. Lilian and James, while shallow, are very real shallow people. Everyone from the Yellow Orchid was full of individual charisma, and I wanted to find and patronize the establishment. The male characters were outstanding – no one was a real villain, the brother and sister bonds were strong, and everyone needs a Vernon and an Edward in their lives. And I loved the characters of Evelyn as the strong country mouse and Jos, the more fragile city mouse.

I’m really sad to leave the characters behind, honestly. I don’t want to lose Dorothy, or Clara and Courtney. I have my own crush on Jos, and I want Vernon as a friend.

Yes, it’s a romance, and it’s a really, really good romance.

Thanks so much to NetGalley for providing an advanced copy in return for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Keep Hold, by Michelle Grubb

19 Sep
FOUR of FIVE stars

FOUR of FIVE stars

This is a tough one to review, because I thought it was a great story but with some big character problems. I liked all the women as individual characters, good and bad, but there is absolutely no evidence as to why the pair the story revolves around have any interest in each other. One of them has such low self esteem that I couldn’t remotely relate to her. The other is a sociopathic C-Word. She behaved so terribly that I couldn’t believe it when I realized this was going to be the love interest. I didn’t see any reason at all to like her, so why would I root for this couple to make it?

The story arc though was great. I did love all the complicated relationships between the women: ex-lovers who are friends, solid couples, pregnant lesbians, a straight woman and a shadow of an ex for most of the story. I also loved that the women were all different: some strong, some weak, some good people, some bad, some psychotic. Much of the dialog was smart and snappy, and the sex scenes were Grade A. I enjoyed that the story did not just cover the romance, but there was also some excitement, some danger, many misunderstandings, and a lot of friendship-love between the women. I just never saw why the one woman was drawn to the other, especially when she was such a lunatic bitch for most of the book.

But it was good enough that I would read it again, and that means a lot from me. Maybe if I just black out all the dialog from the one terrible character, then the story would make sense and I’d give it five stars no problem. And I would love to read something else by this author, she definitely has a talent for storytelling (and sex scenes, hah!).

I was given a copy of this enjoyable lesbian romance by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and my honest rating is FOUR stars.